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Welcome to FLOPPS Dog Training in Edmonton, your partner in creating a harmonious life with your furry companion!

Imagine your dog walking calmly beside you with a loose leash. Your dog greets guests politely with “polite paws” and happily follows your commands. With our custom training programs and courses, we’re here to help you smash those goals and then some! Our team of skilled dog trainers in Edmonton, are ready to help with a wide range of behavioural challenges in dogs and puppies offering private dog training and group dog training classes.

It can be frustrating if your furry friend doesn’t listen, gets too excited, or pulls your arm out on leash, but we can help teach your dog to calm down and be more mannerly.

A jumping, growling, or barking dog, that gets anxious or scared can be overwhelming but we can help! We empower families who feel hopeless dealing with a dog that’s possessive (resource guards) or anxious when left alone (separation anxiety). We’re here to help your family too!

You don’t have to go it alone!

We get it—welcoming a dog into your home brings both joys and challenges, and we’re here to support you through it all. This can be overwhelming. They include tugging on the leash, biting, leaping up, fear, worry, barking, and snarling. It can be difficult to handle these behaviors at once.

We are skilled dog trainers in Edmonton. We’re all about tackling these problems head-on to make life with your furry buddy awesome. Our certified dog trainers (CPDT-KA, ABCDT), have done wonders for countless families, restoring peace, using our proven training methods.

We understand what you’re going through!

We’ve been there too! We experienced the struggles of having an out-of-control dog aggressive and shut down dog.

Our rescue dog, Border Collie Bear, would pull hard on leash walks, not come when called and would either jump up, hide, bark or growl at people. After training, Bear transformed from frantic to focused. Life became stress-free and we enjoyed a newfound freedom, taking him to more places than we ever thought possible.

Why choose FLOPPS?

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of you and your dog to get results faster. We design our customized and flexible training options to address specific behavioral challenges and goals, ensuring a personalized experience that delivers results. We’re all about using positive positive reinforcement, force free dog training. Our goal is to make training a fun experience for both you and your dog.

For over a decade, we have helped numerous families in Edmonton and nearby areas with dog behaviour training. We use our skills and experience to bring harmony back to their homes. 

You don’t have to go it alone!

You don’t have to face these challenges alone—let FLOPPS Dog Training be your guide. Our experience and knowledge will help you with your dog’s behavior and strengthen your bond with them Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a more peaceful coexistence with your beloved furry friend.

We provide dog training service to Edmonton, South Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont and surrounding areas.

Rescue Dog Training Edmonton
Our Beloved Rescue Dog Bear ~ 2005-2022

Private, Group and Online Dog Training Options

New puppy, teen or senior dog. We’ve got an option for you. Including options tailored to your needs for dog training in Edmonton AB and area.

puppy obedience training Edmonton

Perfect Puppy Program

We offer virtual and in-person puppy classes, private puppy training sessions that cover everything from A to Z for the best puppy training possible. You can start training your puppy from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual private training provides a distraction free environment to give you the best start with your puppy before in-person classes start.

  • Ages: 8 weeks to 7 months
  • Total of 15 skills and commands
  • Safe puppy socialization
  • 8 week course
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Frantic to Focused Program

This program, is for fearful, reactive or dogs that hide, cower, lunge, growl, bark at other dogs or people. This program takes the stress out of walks addressing leash reactivity. Our behavior training focuses on creating peaceful interactions with other dogs and people, helping your dog shift from frantic to focused.

  • Custom course lengths
  • Tailored curriculum
  • Learning your dogs triggers
  • Calmer walks and interactions with dogs and people
  • Address resource guarding and dog behavioural issues
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Good Mannered Dog Program

Imagine having a dog that happily pays attention to you, comes when called, walks like a breeze for better leash walking and does’t jump up or chew. This class will train your dog to be good both inside and outside the house!

  • Ages: 6 months and up
  • Personal email support
  • 8 week course
Private Dog Training In Edmonton

Private Training In-Person

Private dog training is perfect for those who want the convenience of one on one help for quicker results. Our unique programs are tailored to you and your dog using force free training.

Virtual Dog training near me

Virtual Private Training

This is personalized training done virtually. The training happens in real time, so you can teach your dog to be well-behaved both indoors and outdoors, all from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for dogs with Separation Anxiety.

  • Tailored to you and what your struggling with
  • Separation Anxiety Solution
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Flexible times
Online Dog Training Near me

Online Training

Online, you can do it whenever and wherever works best for you, at your own speed.

  • Done at your own pace
  • Access from anywhere

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Joanna dog trainer edmonton

CPDT-KA, ABCDT Certified Professional Trainer with Zoes Rescue Dogs


Satisfied Owners and Happier Dogs!

Kamila and Jack

“I reached out to Joanna because I was struggling with Jacks leash reaction. Joanna gave us new tools to implement and taught me why Jack was reacting in the first place. This new knowledge gave me the understanding that I needed to provide happy and safe walks for Jack. Since our training, our walks have been improving. We are more confident and approach our walks with awareness and calmness. I learned that the most important part of being a good leader for Jack was keeping my cool. Thank you, Joanna, for imparting your wisdom.”

Lynne L.
Lynne L.

“We just finished our 6 week Level One Obedience Training. Joanna was great; she is very knowledgeable and made our training both educational and fun. I highly recommend her classes. We will be signing up for more in the future.”

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