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In-person Dog, virtual and online training

Fast, effective dog training in Edmonton, with long term results that’s quick and easy-to-understand, taught by our expert Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over a decade of experience

You don’t have to go it alone!

Bringing a dog home is the best! Your imaging cuddles, companionship, and a dog you can proudly take everywhere!

But if your dog won’t settle down, hides, pulls you, can’t pay attention, jumps up, is scared of, growls, or barks at people, life can seem like it’s spiralling out of control and become frustrating really quickly!

We’re here to relieve the overwhelm and create a more peaceful life with your dog staring now!

You don’t have to go it alone!

FLOPPS is here to help!

We’ve been there, and understand what you’re going through. We specialize in helping families with dogs that pull, bark, lunge and growl.

We’ve experienced the struggles of having a scared, shut down and out-of-control dog. Our rescue Bear used to pull my arm out on walks, not come when called and would either jump up, hide bark or growl at people. Now, Bear has transformed from frantic to focused resulting in a stress free life where we can enjoy the freedom of taking him more places than we ever thought possible.

For over a decade, we’ve helped families with similar problems successfully, restoring peace in the household.

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FLOPPS is here to help!

In-Person, Virtual and Online Classes and Private Training

Our in-person, virtual and online training classes and private dog sessions are easy to join and enable you to take advantage of training your dog now, rather than waiting and have things get worse farther down the road.

Our classes are a combination of virtual and in-person so you get to train your dog from the comfort of your home so he has a chance learn what’s asked of him at home first before adding the distraction of in-person classes.  Our classes will train your dog to have good house manners and be polite and socialize outside of the home!

We’ve created this program to make training easiest, quickest way possible, sparing you the hassle of travelling to and from classes and leaving your home. No childcare needed! Our training is family friendly for kids of all ages.

With this training program, you get to have our trainer live in your homeproviding you with the same expertise you’d get from an in-person. You and your family can stay safe and enjoy training your dog conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Our trainer will be there, in real time, showing you training exercises to help you achieve your goals, giving you how to’s, and feedback to help you every step of the way.

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Online Group ClassesOnline Private Training
														In-Person, Virtual and Online Classes and Private Training


Our unique long term additional support puts your mind at ease, knowing you’ll get all the help you need during and after your training with us, incase anything comes up. You can rest assure, that your making the most of your time by using our quick, easy-to-understand training techniques, that gets you lasting results in less time.

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What Our Customers Say

  • We enjoy the classes, your genuine enthusiasm really helps. And we like your relaxed approach, especially with rescue animals that may have difficulties. Our little guy seems to be getting past most of his, and a gentle hand seems to be what he needs.  [The classes are] well paced, group size is about right and they move along well. Your video supplemental lessons were excellent and made it easy to duplicate the results at home. And we appreciate your mindfulness about start and stop times. You made the transition to online classes look easy, and we’re sure that there was more to it than we saw. So well done. We were concerned that the direct evaluation and feedback would be less than it would be in a live setting but that didn’t prove to be the case.

    Live online dog training available
    Ray van der Woning
  • What Janelle says about our live online puppy class:

    Q. Just checking in to see how you’re enjoying the class so far? 

    A. we love it!!

    Q. What are some of the things you like about the class? 

    A. learning with others and a small group.

    Q. What are some of the things you’d change about the class? 

    A. Nothing

    Q. Were you hesitant to do a live online class? If so, what made you hesitant about joining the line online class? 

    A. No not at all.

  • “I reached out to Joanna because I was struggling with Jacks leash reaction. Joanna gave us new tools to implement and taught me why Jack was reacting in the first place. This new knowledge gave me the understanding that I needed to provide happy and safe walks for Jack. Since our training, our walks have been improving. We are more confident and approach our walks with awareness and calmness. I learned that the most important part of being a good leader for Jack was keeping my cool. Thank you, Joanna, for imparting your wisdom.” – Kamila and Jack

    Jack K.
  • “We’ve had private lessons for our dog Casey (who we learned is fearful of other dogs not aggressive) and I have many valuable tools to go forward with and wouldn’t hesitate calling Joanna again.” – January 2017

    Donna L.
  • “We just finished our 6 week Level One Obedience Training. Joanna was great; she is very knowledgeable and made our training both educational and fun. I highly recommend her classes. We will be signing up for more in the future.” – October 2018

    Lynne L.
  • “We had such a good experience in this class! My puppy Moose learnt a lot and the instructor was awesome! It was easy to learn from her and she made it a fun environment for the puppies to learn! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to teach your puppy commands and learn how to work with them!”

    Courtney B.
  • “Joanna was amazing and very knowledgeable in helping us make the transition with our new 8 week old puppy! Her handouts were greatly appreciated and the hands on experience allowed our small family to confidently practice training our puppy. Joanna’s positive approach And enthusiasm even helped our 6 year old daughter feel confident in training our Lil pup…by the end of the 6 weeks, our puppy was walking with a loose leash beside our daughter!”

    Kristina Y.
  • “Loved these classes. We did the puppy class which was great socialization and skills learning. Then we’ve done a private leash walking class when my dog was older, and another class for fun at Lucky Donkey. I’m really looking forward to taking more classes with FLOPPS!” – August 2017

    Krystal H.
  • “I was a new fur baby mom…Joanna was very helpful and knowledgeable with my Yorkie. We took her puppy class…Thor loved going to class and was very excited to see Joanna. Don’t know what we’re going to do now that class is over…he will miss classes!”

    Kristelle S.
  • “We just finished obedience training classes with our dog, Atticus, and we learned so much. Joanna is awesome at what she does, and I appreciated her willingness to answer questions and help with behaviours beyond what was covered in class. Atticus loved her, and I hope to work with Joanna again in the future! I highly recommend her services!” – December 2016

    Alexa M.
  • “We hired Joanna for private lessons with our new puppy after someone recommended her to us. Joanna came to our house twice and we did a 3rd lesson at Hollywoof. It was an outstanding experience, Joanna is very professional, knowledgeable, calm, honest and an awesome trainer. Our puppy felt very comfortable with her right away and we really appreciate the way Joanna interact with our dog. She taught us a lot and we found the way she trained is simple, to the point and very easy for us to remember. We highly recommend Joanna and we looking forward to working with her again soon!” – October 2016

    Caroline P.
  • “FLOPPS has been a great help with training my fur baby. I am so impressed with how fast he responded to the training methods. I would definitely recommend Joanna’s training services. Thanks so much!”

    Paige Griffith
  • “We are so glad we found Joanna! She has a true gift and she got us and our pup off to such a good start with let outs, nail clipping, training classes, on leash & off leash walks. Not to mention all the good advice. I definitely recommend FLOPPS if you’re looking for someone to take care of your dog or dogs.”

    Tabitha Jean Shaw
  • “My dog Alfie and I just finished Obedience Level 1 and it was an excellent experience. Joanna is a great teacher and it’s obvious that she loves what she does. Classes were very helpful not only for learning basic commands, but also for learning how to get my dog’s attention and motivate him to learn more at home. I really like that Joanna’s training style is based on praise/reward and not punishment.”

    Ageliki B.
  • “Joanna has been working with Amber since mid-summer (2014). Amber is our yellow lab – just over a year old, very enthusiastic, fearless, sometimes silly, sometimes mischievous. Joanna takes Amber on a weekly ‘Walk & Train’, and then shares her techniques with me, so that we can practice with Amber. Just this past week at the vet, the vet commented on how much calmer and better behaved Amber was. As well, instead of snatching the cookie & wolfing it down – Amber waited for permission to ‘take it’. Thank you Joanna! Both Amber & I wholeheartedly recommend your service.” – December 2014

    Leslie L.
  • FLOPPS has been walking Molly for quite some time now …I think about 1.5yrs…we have a VERY energetic Portuguese Water Dog…The training Molly receives while on the off leash walks has been so incredibly helpful in managing her energy! We have also used FLOPPS for some in home training for some of Molly’s poor puppy habits (jumping, greeting people at the door, etc). Joanna was very gentle and consistent…with us, and Molly! We were able to include the grandchildren and other family members in the training to make it customizable to our needs! Joanna is always willing to help reinforce these techniques every time she comes to pick Molly up which has been very helpful in us developinga consistent routine with her. I would recommend Joanna and her team to anyone looking for services for their dogs.”

    Kimberly B.
  • “The 6 weeks class very helpful for me and my dog. He doesn’t pull me and calm down when the door bell ring and see other dog on the street. Thanks Joanna.” – October 2016

    *Update – One Year after Private Dog Training 

    “You [FLOPPS Dog Trainer, Joanna] were so right about the positive reinforcement. Rue is doing amazing!!! We haven’t had an accident in months!!! So thank you. If we ever have more issues or need advice we will definitely be getting in contact with you.”

    Vivian D.
  • “Bud and I attended good manners class, prior to that Bud was almost uncontrollable when distracted by dogs or new people. He spent the first two weeks having to be segregated from the class becuase he could not focus with another dog in site. Joanna was great for us, she focused on what Bud needed rather than just what the rest of the class was working on. The homework and suggestions she gave worked amazing. On graduation day Bud won doggy olympics so he must be Flopps greatest success story, plus worlds cutest dog. The success of this course is becuase of what I learned, the more you work with your dog between lessons the more success you will have. Joanna gave me all the tools and help I needed and Bud can now spend time with my 4 year old niece!!” – July 2018

    Charlie P.
  • “We had an extremely fearful dog and Joanna gave us so much information on how to deal with Zuri. She went over many different strategies that Zuri was easily able to pick up on. In one month, the growth we saw in her was incredible. We are so thankful that we took the time to invest in our dog- the quality of life Zuri will have for the rest of her life has been well worth it!!? – June 2016

    *Update One Year after Private Training Sessions

    “Zuri has been doing amazing!… She has completely come out of her shell. She is such a happy dog now. She can even do a few tricks! She lets strangers pet her head….We have been taking her to off-leash walking paths and her recall is great. We have introduced her to lots of dogs and never had any issue with her….She loves to receive affection and cuddles up to us all the time…She has become such an easy and amazing dog. The strategies you gave us helped build her confidence so much, we appreciate it so much!  Thank you for everything, Joanna! We will continue to recommend your services to anyone who has any dog training needs.” – Sept 2017

  • “Our rescue dog Sharan has made great progress since Joanna worked with us to help her keep calm. Taking her on a walk used to be like walking through a mine field. She would lunge and bark at everything: passing cars, bikes, people, rabbits, squirrels, and especially children and other dogs. Now I look forward to seeing other dogs, as Sharan gets better each day with not reacting. Joanna was consistently positive with compassion and understanding for our very anxious dog. Everything she taught us has, and will continue to be, very helpful. Thanks Joanna!!LOPPS is everything we want and need and so much more! Bruce Wayne loves all his new friends and has such a great time on every walk. I especially love the updates and pictures posted to FB, it lets me know what good care he is and that’s the most important thing to a dog mom! Thanks FLOPPS :).”

    Chris C.

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