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Certification Organizations

Dog Training Edmonton
Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer
Dog Training Edmonton, Dog Training Certification
Aggression in Dogs A Master Course for Trainers and Behavior Consultants

Rescue Groups

Heart Prints Dog Rescue Society (10% Off Training as a thank your for adopting a dog)

Zoe’s Animal Rescue (10% Off Training as a thank your for adopting a dog)

Paws Rescue

Soi Dog Rescue

Therapy Dog Organization

Companion Paws Canada


Alberta Veterinary Medical Association provides a directory

Crestwood Veterinary Center – Veterinary Services + Rehabilitation

Edmonton Holistic Veterinary – Veterinary Services + Rehabilitation and Acupuncture

Vets to Go

American College of Veterinary Behaviourist

Rockyview Veterinary Behaviour Consulting Dr Anneliese Heinrich MSC, DVM and Dr Christine Calder DVM, DACVB

Our Training Programs

Group Training
Private Training
Online/Virtual Training
Therapy Dog Training

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