Solutions for Aggression, Reactivity, Fear, and Anxiety in Dogs

Expert Help for Aggressive Dog Training, Reactivity, Fear, and Separation Anxiety in Edmonton

Feeling overwhelmed with your dog’s challenging behaviour?

You’re not alone! We’re here to help you with aggressive dog training and to help you with reactivity, fear, and anxiety training too. The families we see often feel overwhelmed and stressed. They may be dealing with problems like aggression, fear, separation anxiety, or resource guarding in dogs.

If you’ve tried other trainers without success, we understand your frustration. We specialize in assisting dogs with challenging behavioural issues by offering custom programs tailored to your specific needs. We restore peace in the lives of family members struggling with:

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Resource aggression training, preventing resource guarding in the future. Dog possessiveness training for possessive behavior over food, toys, and other items.

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Dog-to-dog resource guarding solutions for food aggression around food bowls and other items.

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Separation anxiety training focuses on dogs who struggle to cope with being alone. In addition, this training and support, helps a dog feel more comfortable on their own, at home, in another room, or even in the car, these dogs experience distress.

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Leash reactivity for dogs who pull, growl, lunge, bark or snap on leash.

Looking for resource guarding, separation anxiety or leash reactivity dog training edmonton?

Our compassionate and effective approach has made us the go-to choice for families facing these difficult situations. When you work with us, you’re getting more than just a trainer. You are getting a partner who dedicates themselves to restoring peace and harmony in your home.

FLOPPS is a dedicated to transforming the lives of families grappling with aggressive behavior, reactivity, and fearful dogs. Our area of expertise in understanding the intricate reasons behind these behaviors, recognizing that each dog is unique. Our certified trainers have extensive experience dealing with various triggers that cause aggression, reactivity, or fear in dogs.

What sets us apart is we prioritize positive reinforcement methods for effective and compassionate training. We’re proud to offer personalized training programs tailored to you and what your dog’s needs to get issues resolved faster. No matter the root cause, we’re equipped to guide you and your furry friend toward a more balanced and confident life together.

Join us on a journey of transformation where empathy and expertise merge for lasting positive changes in your dog. With FLOPPS, we don’t just focus on basic obedience; we enhance your bond for a happier life with your canine companion.

Take the first step toward a brighter future for you and your dog by reaching out to us today.


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Fantastic results!!!! , our dog had resource guarding issues and with the training we received from Flopps we were able to not only resolve his resource guarding but we learned to identify when our dog was anxious, his triggers, read his body language and how to better deal with unwanted behaviours. Truly a great learning experience not only for our dog but for us too as dog owners. Peter Ricioppo

After unexpectedly taking in an amazing dog who sadly has severe seperation anxiety, I tried everything I could think of, find, or was suggested (within reason) and we made some real progress, and then we hit a wall. just when I thought I was getting somewhere, we weren’t and all the different info was getting confusing, I didn’t know what was and wasn’t working. I was feeling defeated and desperate to find a solution to get my dog comfortable home alone.

That’s when I contacted flopps. I now have a direction and understanding on how to continue adding time while keeping my dog feeling calm and safe. Highly recommend Joe, she helps you understand what you’re doing and set realistic expectations for everyone while also understanding that not everyone has unlimited time and resources to commit. Learning from Joe is an investment in your KnowledgeBase as well as an investment in your dog. Amanda

Certifications & Course Completion:

Qualifying FLOPPS to provide resource guarding, leash reactivity or separation anxiety dog training in Edmonton

Go to the About Page to see our education that qualifies us to do aggressive behavior dog training, reactivity, fear, anxiety, and resource guarding dog training in Edmonton..

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Q. What is Aggressive dog Training?

Dog aggression training involves addressing and modifying aggressive behaviors in dogs, such as growling, snapping, biting, or lunging. The objective is to understand the reasons behind dogs being aggressive. This will help in using training techniques to manage and reduce aggressive behavior.

With dog aggression training, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of both, people and any other animals involved. This training often involves desensitization, counterconditioning, positive reinforcement, and behavior modification strategies tailored to the individual dog’s needs.

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