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Offering various customizable Private training Programs for Dog owners. Both in-person and live virtual online training.

For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS), is here for you as your trusted ally in dog training right here in Edmonton. If you find yourself grappling with canine behavior challenges, our in-person private dog training programs are tailored just for you. Our certified professional dog trainers understand your unique needs, offering personalized and custom programs designed for both your family and your furry friend.

Your dog doesn’t live in a warehouse. We understand that your dog’s environment matters, which is why our private training sessions take place in a comfortable and appropriate setting, not in a warehouse! We bring our expertise directly to you, training in person and in any other location you need help in because we understand that’s where you need support the most. At FLOPPS, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement, and our force-free techniques ensure a respectful and enjoyable learning experience for your dog. Learn more about our approach here.

We’re here to help so your struggles don’t persist – take the first step toward a harmonious relationship with your dog. Call us today to schedule your personalized training program with For the Love of Paws Pet Service. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of tailored, effective, and joyful dog training.

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I had contacted Joanna after a group class failed to provide me with the basics and the confidence I needed to manage my dog.
Joanna was willing to do semi private lessons which helped a lot as then I could see how another dog of same breed and she was coming along.
From the start Joanna is very clear about her program and her expectations. She is very calm and patient with us.
Buddy was a 8 month old high energy dog that, to be honest we didn’t expect but Joanna has taught us how to manage the behaviours that we were concerned about. My biggest problems were being over excited with guests and jumping up on grandkids. We have been working on those problems but Ali g the way have learned all the basics.
I feel very confident now in continuing to practice on my own. I also have access to the great training videos and handouts that she provides .
I see a huge change in Buddy and going forward feel very capable.
I really liked the quiet calm way Joanna teaches, when your dog is a bit high strung it is very calming.
I will for sure be pursuing more classes with Joanna and Flopps as we are hoping to become a pet therapy team!

Chris Douglas

Q. Do you train Deaf Dogs

A. Yes, we train deaf dogs! At our Edmonton-based dog training center, we specialize in providing tailored training programs for dogs of all abilities, including those with hearing impairments. Our experienced trainers understand the unique needs of deaf dogs and employ positive reinforcement techniques to help them thrive. Whether you’re located in Edmonton or unable to make it to our physical location, we offer virtual training sessions tailored to your schedule and needs. Our virtual training programs are designed to be just as effective as in-person sessions, ensuring that every dog receives the support and guidance they need to succeed. If you’re seeking expert training for your deaf dog in Edmonton or beyond, we’re here to help!

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