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Group obedience classes, are great start to your training journey.

Group Dog Training Classes in Edmonton

Our group training classes provide a fun and social environment for dogs and owners alike. Held at our convenient Edmonton location, these classes offer the opportunity for your dog to learn alongside other dogs, helping to improve socialization skills and manners. Led by our experienced trainers, our group classes cover essential obedience commands and problem-solving exercises tailored to the needs of the group. Plus, the camaraderie and support of fellow dog owners make the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

Classes costs less than in person training because you are guided in a group and not with private instruction where the instructor gives you 100% of their time to you and you only.

How to Choose Between Group Classes and Private Training:

  • Group Classes: Ideal for dogs that are comfortable around other dogs and people, enjoy socializing, and benefit from learning in a group setting. Your dog would learn foundational skills for you to apply on your own at home and in the outside world.
  • Private Training: Recommended for dogs with specific behavior issues, fearfulness, aggression, or those who may not thrive in a group environment. Recommended for families who want step by step instruction from our trainer showing how to do the skills applying them in home and in various real-life situations for better reliability.


Joanna is a phenomenal instructor. She is very knowledgeable and truly passionate at what she does. Ryu had a great experience with her puppy class.


I enrolled my very active 6.5 month old puppy into Good Mannered Puppy class with the hopes of training my dog to develop good behaviours and curb his bad puppy behaviours. After 6 weeks of classes not only was my puppy listening to a variety of commands, his walking improved and his manners towards humans and other dogs improved as well. My puppy is now 8 months old and i get compliments on his good behaviour which i never thought would happen. He is still a baby so he has lots of learning ahead of him but i am planning on taking the next level of classes and would highly recommend enrolling any dog into the classes offered by FLOPPS.

Kendra Boles

Needing some on-on-one support? Try our private-training.

Every dog is an individual with their own specific, individual needs. We’ll work with you to build a dog training plan that really works. Get in touch by phone or inquire online, today.

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