Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dog training near me. animal therapy edmonton pet therapy edmonton
Therapy dog training near me. animal therapy edmonton
pet therapy edmonton

Therapy Dog Training in Edmonton and Across Canada: Empowering You and Your Dog to Make a Difference Together!

Embark on a rewarding journey with For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS) through our specialized Pet Therapy Program. Prepare yourself for testing for Animal Therapy in Edmonton with our specialized training programs. Our tailored approach combines expertise with practical hands-on experience to help you succeed in your testing journey.

Our training, including therapy sessions, equips you and your four-legged friend for success. Join our Pet Therapy Edmonton team and explore the world of animal-assisted therapy.

We have a Therapy Dog trainer in Edmonton evaluates dogs for animal therapy with Companion Paws. Our trainer, Joanna, provides training for Companion Paws, Certify Your Own Dog Program.

Our unique mix of private in-person and virtual training training gives you all you need to prep you for the Therapy dog test. We’re proud to contribute to animal assisted therapy in edmonton and surrounding areas!

Companion Paws recommends us for therapy dog testing in Edmonton, and we’re thrilled about it! This means our programs meet high standards. Let us guide you and your dog through training that’s just for you, so you’ll have the skills you need for Therapy Dog certification. Join our certified professional dog trainers in making a positive impact through the power of therapy dogs.

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What people say

I had contacted Joanna after a group class failed to provide me with the basics and the confidence I needed to manage my dog.

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Therapy Dog FAQ’s

Q: What does it mean to have a Trained Therapy Dog?

It means a dog and handler act as therapy dog team. The dog enjoys offering comfort, support, and companionship in various settings like hospitals and schools. It means a dog is well trained and can provide therapy to help with the mental health and wellbeing of others.

Q: Does For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS) do the Therapy dog tests? 

Yes. We do the testing for the Companion Paws Dogs. Go to Companion Paws for more information on requirements.

Q. What’s the difference between a Therapy Dog and and Service Dog?

Therapy dogs offer animal assisted therapy in various settings like counselling offices, hospitals and schools. Service dogs learn specific tasks for people with physical and mental disabilities. Therapy dogs give emotional support and comfort. We adhere to the Alberta training standard, ensuring our training meets the highest professional standards.

Q: What is a Service dog?  

Service dogs actively help people with disabilities by performing specific tasks. Common types of service dogs include those for the visually impaired, epilepsy, PTSD, diabetes, and mobility issues.

Q: Do you train Service Dogs?

FLOPPS can train your dog in the skills they need to become a service dog, but we’re not a registered service dog organization. Click Approved Service Dog Organizations to learn more.

Our Training Programs

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Therapy Dog Training

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