virtual dog training screen

Live online dog training

Our live online training classes and private dog sessions are easy to join and enable you to take advantage of training your dog now, rather than waiting and have things get worse farther down the road.

We’ve created this program to make training easiest, quickest way possible, sparing you the hassle of travelling to and from classes and leaving your home. No childcare needed! Our training is family friendly for kids of all ages.

With this training program, you get to have our trainer live in your home, providing you with the same expertise you’d get from an in person. You and your family can stay safe and enjoy training your dog conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Our trainer will be there, in real time, showing you training exercises to help you achieve your goals, giving you how to’s, and feedback to help you every step of the way

You get additional support between sessions incase something comes up.

As a bonus, you get a recording of each session. Having a recording is great to refer back to in case you forget how to do a training exercise.  The recording is perfect for sharing with family members to help ensure training is consistent.

Handouts and homework also provide to help guide you through you training program.

Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your sessions at a time that’s convenient for you, without leaving your home.

Accomplish the training results you’d get from an in person session without the overwhelm of other dogs in class that can be too distracting.

We look forward to helping your dog to become a polite family dog you can be proud of, using the easiest, most practical training methods!

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