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Welcome to FLOPPS Frantic to Focused Training Program: Transforming Lives, One Paw at a Time! 

From Frantic to Focused: Specialized Training for Aggressive, Reactive, Fearful Dog and Dogs that suffer from Separation Anxiety

Having a dog that lunges, growls or barks at other dogs or people can be difficult to deal with and scary. Frantic to Focus is our reactive dog training program for dogs that misbehave around other dogs or people or are scared, nervous, or can’t be by themselves. This program also applies to fearful, anxious and resource guarding dog training.

Embark on a journey of transformation with our Frantic to Focused Training Program at For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS). We understand the challenges of dealing with dogs that are aggressive, reactive, fearful, or have separation anxiety.

Aggressive and Reactive Dog Trainers in Edmonton, specializing in Fearful and Anxiety Dog Training

We have personally experienced these issues with our own dog, Bear. It can be tough to handle such behaviors in dogs. After becoming a reactive dog trainer, I am happy to share that Bear has become a wonderful companion. He eagerly joins in our activities and has become a beloved member of our family’s adventures.

Now, we’re here to help families like yours with a proven method that cares for both the dog and the family’s well-being. Our trainer, Joanna, has been a reactive dog trainer in Edmonton for over 15 years. Our certified professional dog trainers are here to offer a lasting solution for regaining control.

Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement Training: Over 10 years of Expertise

At FLOPPS, we’ve spent over 10 years perfecting our force-free, positive reinforcement training techniques. Our passion stems from personal experience – we’ve faced the stress of having a reactive and fearful dog ourselves.

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This program covers dog behaviour transformation in these areas:

As your trusted resource guarding dog trainer in edmonton, overcoming resource guarding behavior is a must. We cover food guarding behavior modification, toy guarding behavior solutions, bed guarding, and people guarding behavior training. We address any other individuals, locations, or objects that a dog may protect in various situations.

Provide separation separation anxiety solutions addressing your unique separation anxiety dog training needs. If your dog struggles with being alone even for a short period of time, you can rely on us to help. We’ll boost your dog’s confidence, making them feel secure when left alone, saving you the stress about your dog feeling anxious when you’re away.

We address fearful dog training teaching your dog to be brave. Helping your dog to learn how to break free of it’s fears and enjoy life more is what it’s all about. We personalize your training to work train in areas and situations your dog struggles with the most.

We offer reactivity training turning your dog from frantic to focused. This training program offers the expert assistance needed for aggressive dog training. We have solutions for dog to dog reactivity (dogs who lunge, growl or bark at other dogs). We address dog to human reactivity (dogs who lunge, growl or bark at people).

If you’re wrestling with leash reactivity, we can transform your walks from a nightmare to a dream. In case your dog experiences “stranger danger,” we’ll help them work through their behavior issues.

Private Dog Training, In-Person ,Virtual, or a Combination: Tailored Options for Your Unique Journey

When training your dog with us, you can opt for our in-person private dog training sessions, virtual dog training options, or a mix of both. These options tailored to fit your schedule and address your dog’s needs. Our goal is to guide you and your dog from a state of chaos to a focused, harmonious partnership.


  • Certified Professional Dog Trainers: Trust our experts to understand and address your dog’s unique challenges.
  • Proven Positive Reinforcement: A decade of expertise in force-free, positive reinforcement training.
  • Tailored Private Dog Training Options: In-person, virtual, or a blend of both for maximum flexibility.

Ready to witness the transformative power of our specialized training program? Join FLOPPS in turning frantic moments into focused progress! Start your journey by completing a private dog training request form today to schedule your private training sessions.

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What people say

“We had an extremely fearful dog. Joanna, went over many different strategies that Zuri was easily able to pick up on. In one month, the growth we saw in her was incredible. We are so thankful that we took the time to invest in our dog- the quality of life Zuri will have for the rest of her life has been well worth it!!


 *Update (1 Year after Training) 

We found Joanna/FLOPPS by googling our dog’s issues, and after reading her personal story with Bear

Lauren M

“Our rescue dog Sharan has made great progress since Joanna worked with us to help her keep calm. Taking her on a walk used to be like walking through a minefield. She would lunge and bark at everything: passing cars,

Chis C


Q: What is a “Reactive dog”?

A reactive dog is a dog that overreacts and may act aggressively in response to certain things.” Reactivity in dogs is a common behavior problem and can manifest in various situations.

Reactive response can include barking, growling, lunging, and/or even aggressive behaviors such as snapping or biting. For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS) wants to remind everyone that a dog that reacts quickly can become aggressive. Be careful when approaching a dog you don’t know, no matter how experienced you are with dogs.

Q: Can a fearful dog become a “Reactive dog”?

The short answer is yes, a fearful dog may become reactive. This is on a case by case basis and would need an evaluation by our certified trainer to give a clear answer.

Q: What is a Fearful Dog?

A fearful dog is one that gets scared or anxious easily. This can happen in response to people, animals, objects, or certain situations.

Fearful behavior in dogs can manifest through trembling, cowering, hiding, barking, growling, or even aggressive reactions if left unchecked. We need to train fearful dogs carefully, using positive methods to boost their confidence and ease anxiety. Identifying triggers and and using gentle methods with patience can help them feel better.

For more information go to our Q&A section on the Solutions for Aggression, Reactivity, Fear, and Anxiety in Dogs page.

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