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Why Trust FLOPPS?

FLOPPS provides certified professional dog training in Edmonton Alberta. Joanna started her dog training company in Edmonton in 2011. FLOPPS offers certified dog training with premium services personalized just for you! Joanna enjoys helping people train their dogs so they can live in harmony. 

Whether you need private or group dog training FLOPPS is here to help!

The FLOPPS Difference
  • Location Tailored Options: Choose the force free training that suits your lifestyle – virtual or in-person.
  • Skill Development: Build essential skills and commands using positive reinforcement training in a controlled setting.
  • Personalized Support: In-person training for those facing specific behavioral challenges.
  • Personalized training plans designed to address your dog’s individual temperament, behavior, and learning style.
  • Experienced, certified trainers dedicated to ongoing education and professional development.
  • Empowering families with the knowledge and skills to maintain positive training outcomes long-term.
  • A compassionate, supportive approach that prioritizes the well-being and happiness of every dog we work with.


Joanna’s Story

Working with dogs and their people gives me great happiness. I know first hand how difficult and frustrating it can be to have a dog that misbehaves and acts nasty in public.

In 2005, my then four month old rescue dog Bear was frantic and out of control. He was surrendered by his previous home for nipping, and chasing the children in the family. At the shelter, Bear hid at the back of his run, too scared to meet anybody and mostly kept to himself at first when we took him home.

Experience Matters

Walking with Bear was a struggle as he pulled hard on my arm, barking and lunging at people and sadly, scared one child to tears. Our first off leash experience with Bear was stressful because he didn’t listen or come when we called him.

It was tough, but after training Bear with time and patience, he passed the Canine Good Neighbour CKC test. Proud moment!

Having a reactive dog that acted aggressively, motivated me to learn about dog behavioural issues. I also wanted to learn the most efficient training methods for dogs with behaviour problems. My goal is to help people train their dogs and solve problem behaviour, bringing joy and peace back in to their lives.

Education Matters

I keep my dog training skills sharp staying abreast of the latest in dog training by studying leaders in the dog training world. I have enjoyed rescuing several different delightful dogs of various breeds each with their own personality traits.

Each dog has challenged me to understand dog behaviour and learn new training methods. I have enhanced my leadership skills and learned more about dog body language through various classes. These classes include Puppy, Basic Level 1, Manners Unleashed, Tricks, Growl for Reactive and Fearful Dogs, Scent Detection, and Agility training.

Horseback Rider & Competitor

I also enjoy horseback riding, barrel racing, jumping, reining and working cows on my fast and feisty quarter horse named Fame.

I love horse behaviour, learning about their body language and why they do what they do. I use positive reinforcement to communicate clearly with horses by applying the Doug Mills Training Thru Trust Horse Program. I apply this training in liberty work in the round pen and halter/groundwork with horses.


At FLOPPS Dog Training, we believe in the power of positive, ethical dog training to transform the lives of both dogs and their families. We are dedicated dog trainers in Edmonton and area. Our goal is to maintain high ethical standards in our training practices and provide strong support to every family we help. 


We focus on using positive reinforcement and effective training methods. This builds trust and respect between dogs and their owners. Our team is committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment for dogs to thrive in.

We train dog without fear or coercion. This rules out any methods that use tactics to scare, startle, intimidate or inflict pain on a dog.

Supporting Families for Optimal Results

We know every family is different, so we customize our training programs to fit each client’s specific needs and goals. If you have a pet with behaviour issues like dog reactivity or want to improve their training, we can help. We offer support, motivation, and tools for long-term improvements and to strengthen your relationship with your furry friend.


Education & Certification 

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPTD-KA) the highest level of recognition in dog training. The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) gives this certification, which has worldwide recognition. I have finished hundreds hours as a teacher, helped train dogs, and passed a difficult dog training test. To keep this designation, I must attend continuing education courses taught by leaders in the field.
  • I chose the CPTD-KA title because it follows a code of ethics and uses proven dog training methods. I value completing continuing education units to keep my certification current because it keeps my skills up-to-date. Please visit for more information. 
  • Dog Trainer Certification (ABCDT) from Animal Behaviour College ( and have completed the Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program at Dogspaw ( 

Certification, Education, Community Partnerships and Accomplishments

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